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Fogcutter Suite

Knowledge management, collaboration, and search. Our Fogcutter suite delivers the foundational Knowledge Management, Collaboration and Search capabilities needed by the modern enterprise. With Fogcutter products, you empower your employees to share, locate, discover, filter, tag, rate and discuss content, people, applications and events. Fogcutter eliminate time wasted searching for information which was previously hidden, enhances teamwork and engagement across your enterprise, fosters more rapid innovation and supports greater knowledge transfer and organizational learning. With Fogcutter, your organization can truly "cut through the information" fog and step into the light.

The Fogcutter Suite includes:

  • Neddick Enterprise

    Our Open Source Information Discovery Platform. Neddick aggregates feeds of information from disparate user-defined data sources, and supports collaborative filtering through voting, tagging and ranking of content. Neddick also provides categorization of content via "channels", provides recommendations for related content, provides discussion capability, and supports sharing of items via email and instant messaging.

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  • Quoddy Enterprise

    Our Open Source Enterprise Social Network. Quoddy combines social and semantic information provided by users, with streams of enterprise information via RSS, SOA integration, integration with Document Management Systems, and other enterprise tools, to support a richer model of collaboration than existing tools. Quoddy allows users to share information with each other, and subscribe to relevant data sources, so that every user always has a view available which features exactly the information they need to act on.

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  • Heceta Enterprise

    Our Open Source Enterprise Search platform. Heceta leverages the social and semantic information from Neddick and Quoddy to finally provide the enterprise with a true "social search" system which puts the most relevant search results at your fingertips. By federating across data sources, Heceta will eliminate the need to jump from application to application, searching for that obscure bit of information that always seems just out of reach.

  • Hatteras Enterprise

The Business Events Subscriptions engine, Hatteras integrates with your SOA backbone via an Enterprise Service Bus and selects events which are of interest to your employees, and routes the event to Quoddy, where it is rendered into the Unified Message Stream. This is a forward-facing product and is not released yet. Please contact us for more information.