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Our Company

We are on a mission.

We aren't just out to reinvent enterprise software, we're out to reinvent the enterprise itself. To that end, we are building a new suite of Open Source "Enterprise 2.0" tools to help you cut through the fog of managing your company's information.

Our new solutions are the kind of innovative tools that cutting-edge organizations need to truly realize the vision of a Digital Nervous System and to become Adaptive Enterprises, utilizing "Sense & Respond" feedback loops to react to changing market conditions with speed and flexibility.

Information is a tool. If your people can't find the right thing at the right time, your business will grind forward at a glacial pace instead of the lightning speed your market demands. Giving your team access to that information is only one part of the solution. We're challenging traditional assumptions around information storage, retrieval, routing and analysis.

With Fogbeam enterprise social networking, information discovery, enterprise search and collaboration tools your team finds, shares and collaborates on the right information at the right time. Your team wins, your customer wins and you win.

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About Us

At Fogbeam Labs we are developing the next generation of Open Source Enterprise Knowledge Management software. Building on top of Semantic Web technologies, Social Search, and other components of the "Enterprise 2.0" platform, our upcoming product releases will provide an incredibly powerful solution for locating, retrieving, routing and analyzing the information that your enterprise needs in order to maintain a competitive advantage. Our mission is to help our clients take advantage of advanced collaboration and knowledge management tools to compete successfully in the global, flat-world economy.

What we do.

Death to technobabble.

We specialize in helping our clients understand the latest technological advances by translating the techno-babble and jargon into understandable, down-to-earth terms. By making this technology more accessible and helping organizations find the point where advanced technology and management merge, we help them become leaner, nimbler, more responsive and agile, more efficient and - ultimately - more successful. This is what we call "Cutting Through The Information Fog."

These are the things we try to do at Fogbeam Labs:

  • Build software and provide services that enable organizations to display greater “organizational intelligence;” sense, respond and react to their environment in a more agile manner, and support more adaptive and effective organizational structures.
  • Democratize access to advanced information processing software by participating in the development of F/OSS software which can be used freely by organizations of any size or nature.
  • Give back to the world by participating as an ethical member of the world-side free-software / open-source software community.
  • Create an organization where people dedicated to the advancement of technology will *want* to work, will be rewarded for doing well, and will receive nurture, guidance, and encouragement.
  • Promote entrepreneurship as the best tool available for raising the standards of living for people worldwide, by sponsoring educational initiatives and supporting charitable organizations which promote: STEM ( “Science / Technology / Engineering / Math”) education and education on Economics, Business, and Entrepreneurship.


We favor. . .

  • Transparency and openness... over secrecy and information hiding … in our relationships with each other, our partners, the F/OSS community, and our local communities.
  • Critical thinking, logic and reason … over … superstition, blind adherence to dogma, and groupthink.
  • Respect for the individual and their freedom of choice … over … herd mentality, conformance for the sake of conformance, and fear of what we consider different.
  • Courage and the willingness to commit to our principles … over … knee-jerk reactions, conformance to peer pressure, and compromise of our fundamental values.
  • The long view and building for the future, while not sacrificing the present … over … short-sighted compromise of our vision and values in order to achieve a tactical objective today.
  • Being Good … over … Being Evil.